Boating Cruise 2

This cruise starts in Kulleet Bay, proceeds north-eastward towards Valdes Island, then northwest in Pylades Channel to Ruxton Pass, eventually ending in North Cove on Thetis Island.

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Kulleet Bay

Looking west into Kulleet Bay. The land around the bay is an indian reserve. There are no facilities for small craft.

Moore Hill

Looking eastwards from Kulleet Bay towards Thetis Island. Although the "peak" of Moore Hill shows as a nice little dot on the chart, it is not so obvious in real life!

Mexicana Hill

Mexicana Hill on Valdez Island, viewed over Miami Islet. Again, the chart shows the peak of the hill as a dot, but in real life, Mexicana is just a low broad mound. A look at the contour lines on the chart should lead us to suspect this.

Valdez Cliffs

Cliffs on the west side of Valdez Island


A log boom and tug against Valdez Island.

Ruxton Pass

Approaching Ruxton Pass

Decourcey Island

West side of De Courcey Island

Thetis Island

A view of Thetis Island from the north. As suggested by the contour lines on the chart, the peaks of Moore Hill and Burchill Hill are quite prominent when viewed from this direction.

Danger Reef

Danger Reefs near low tide. Valdez Island in the background.

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