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Training Chart "IC/CA 9996" (formerly Training Chart A)

This chart was prepared by the Canadian Hydrographic Service specifically for CPS use in its courses. The chart is based on Chart 3463, but has been modified in many ways to meet our needs. This chart is used by all Squadrons across the country. We, here on the West Coast, are lucky that the training exercises occur in familiar waters (but we must be careful not to be mislead by this chart!)

The most obvious change, to those familiar with our waters, is the addition of "Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons Training Island". This is really Lasqueti Island which can normally be found 32.3 miles, 303°T from its charted position. Most of the place names on this island have been changed to honour members of the CPS Training department and National bridge at the time the chart was first created.

Chart 3463 shows very few Aids to Navigation inside the Gulf Islands, as the prudent navigator should use the largest scale chart available for the area he is navigating, and there are 1:40,000 and larger scale charts for this area. Chart 3463 is really intended to be used by ships travelling in the Strait of Georgia. The training chart has many aids that were added at convenient locations for these chart exercises, and rarely match any real aids.

Warning - These cruise pages contain many large pictures - if you are on a slow (dialup) connection, you may not want to look at them.

Cruise 1 - An Excercise in Conning

This cruise is discussed in class. No plotting is required. The cruise starts in Chemainus Harbour, crosses to Telegraph Harbour, then down to Booth Bay, over to Crofton, and back to Chemainus.

Cruise 2 - A second exercise in Conning

This cruise starts in Kulleet Bay, proceeds north-eastward towards Valdes Island, then northwest in Pylades Channel to Ruxton Pass, eventually ending in North Cove on Thetis Island.

Cruise 5 - A cruise around Desolation Sound

In this cruise, you start at Refuge Cove (the supply center for Desolation Sound), pass south of Mink Island, then rescue a boater (who apparently hadn't taken the Boating Course) at Sky Pilot Rock, and take him to Roscoe Bay.

Cruise 6 - Another exercise in conning.

This cruise takes place on the Training Chart. It starts east of Josling Point on Kuper Island, and proceeds southwards towards Erskine Point on Saltspring Island.

Other Points of Interest on the Training Chart

These are some Aids to Navigation and other points of interest that don't appear in the cruises.

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