Boating Cruise 5

Cruise 5 takes place in Desolation Sound, on Training Chart 4-92. As with our main training chart, this chartlet has been significantly modified as compared to "Real Life". None of the Aids to Navigation used on the cruise, other than the light at Refuge Cove, actually exist - and more confusing to me when I went to take these pictures - the latitude scale is half size! That is, two minutes of latitude on this chartlet corresponds to one minute in Real Life.

Refuge Cove

The cruise starts at Refuge Cove. This small settlement is a supply center for the Desolation Sound area. It has a fuel dock, general store, liquor store, post office, and shower and laundry facilities. There is also a hamburger stand and dessert shop.

Refuge Cove

Downtown Refuge Cove


...Other essential services can be found nearby

Refuge Point

The light on the south point of Refuge Cove really does exist as charted. It is described as "a white circular tower with red band at the top, showing a red light flashing once every four seconds. The flat black device at the top of the tower is a solar panel which is used to recharge the batteries that operate the light.


Looking northward, past the east end of Martin Islands, towards Redonda Island to take the 351T bearing. The Fl(4) light would be just east of the end of the eastern Martin Island.

Mink Isl

Looking northeast along the north shore of Mink Island. The Fl(3) light on Mink Island would be somewhere on the island on the right of the picture.

Mink South

Although the southernmost point of Mink Island can be easily seen on the chart, it is not a particularly obvious feature in Real Life.

Mink Bay

Exploring the bay on the southeast of Mink Island.

Curme Islands

Curme Islands seen from the south.

Curme Islands

Curme Islands seen from the north. There are some kayakers camping on the island.

Skypilot Rock

Looking northeast from Curme Is. towards Skypilot Rock

Skypilot Rock

Skypilot Rock at a 0.7 metre tide. The rock would be just awash at a 1.3 metre tide, and covered at any higher tide - and high tide in this area may be up to 3.5 metres, so the rock will be hidden (and dangerous) most of the time.

Pringle Rock

Pringle Rock would be a hazard on your trip to Roscoe Bay, although it does not cover until the tide reaches 4.9 metres, which is a rare occurance. The charted light does not exist.

Roscoe Bay

As we expect by now, the light on Marleybone Point does not really exist. Although there is a drying bar across the bay, Roscoe Bay is a popular anchorage for many brave boaters. The bar does regularly claim victims who misread their tide tables.

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