Boating Cruise 6

This cruise takes place on the Training Chart. It starts east of Josling Point on Kuper Island, and proceeds southwards towards Erskine Point on Saltspring Island.

Tent Island

A view looking southerly in Houston Passge towards Tent Island. The Fl Y buoy used as a starting point for this cruise does not really exist, so doesn't show in the photo. The pass at the right, between Tent and Kuper Islands, dries at low tide.

Sandstone Rock

Sandstone Rocks, at the south of Tent Islands. The charted buoy does not exist, but there is a daybeacon consisting of a white circular tower with a green band at the top. Most daybeacons are flat boards, just like road signs. They, of course, are not visible when looking at the edge of the board. Since this daybeacon must be visible over a wide angle, they've used the same sort of tower used for a minor light, but didn't put a light on it.

North Reef

The North Reef Light really does exist as charted!

Grappler Rock

A view northward up Houstoun Passage, towards Grappler Rock and Southey Point. These lights are quite visible by eye, although they are hard to see in this picture.

Erskine Pt

A view toward Erskine Point on Saltspring Island. Since there isn't really a light at Erskine Point, it can't really be detected, but the channel between Saltspring and Vancouver Islands is readily visible.

Range 1

The charted measured distance doesn't exist, but I found a private one in Ladysmith Harbour. In the first photo, I am somewhat to the left of the line of the range, as the rear (higher) daymark is to the left of the lower.

Range 2

In the second photo, I am on the range line, so the range marks line up, one above the other.

cable sign

The wiggly lines indicate an underwater power or telephone cable. There will normally be signs on shore as shown where these cables come ashore.

These pictures were actually taken in Preedy Harbour (the first is near the ferry dock, and the other is on Hudson Island), rather than near Erskine Point.

cable sign

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