Other Points of Interest on the Training Chart

These are some Aids to Navigation and other points of interest that don't appear in the cruises.

(You may click on some images for a bigger version.)

Pirate's Cove

A very private range at the entrance to Pirates Cove on De Courcey Island. To enter Pirates Cove, you should stay to the north of the line of this range, until you can see along the port side of the entrance channel as shown in the next picture. Although private, and very much unofficial in appearance, this range has been here for thirty years or more, and is mentioned in official publications.

Pirate's Cove

The entrance to Pirates Cove. Stay close to the Port Hand daymark until past the south end of the drying reef. The spar bouy is a fairly recent addition marking a mid-channel rock.

Porlier Pass

Lights on Race Point and Virago Point form a range for vessels approaching Porlier Pass from Georgia Strait.

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