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Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons - Headquarters
    (and links to other squadrons across Canada)

Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons - Pacific Mainland District
    (links to other squadrons in the Lower Mainland)

United States Power Squadrons

Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard - Office of Boating Safety

Pleasure Craft Licences

Canadian Hydrographic Service - Charts and Publications

Canadian Hydrographic Service - Chart 1: Symbols and Abbreviations

Canadian Coast Guard - Canadian Aids to Navigation System

Weather Office - West Coast Marine Weather

Radio Aids to Marine Navigation

RBR-2: Technical Requirements for the Operation of Mobile Stations in the Maritime Service

Industry Canada - MMSI number application form

Canadian MMSI Database Search for MMSI numbers

Canadian West Coast suggested VHF/FM Marine Channels (pdf file)

Georgia Strait Alliance Caring for our coastal waters

Guide to Green Boating

Boating Around Killer Whales Rules

Animated knots at each of

Splicing instructions at each of:

Saanich Peninsula's CPSS Squadron's animated lights internet page (Aids to Navigation)

Sailnet Rules of the Road (online interactive)

Navrules, a shareware program to teach the lights, shapes, and sound signals required by the Collision Regulations

How to use parallel rules

How to use dividers

NOAA (American) Coast Pilot Guides

Canadian Hydrographic Service: Tide and Current Tables

Canadian Hydrographic Service: Notices to Mariners and List of Lights, Bouys and Fog Signals

Canadian Coast Guard Safe Boating Guide

Bowditch: American Practical Navigator (.pdf download)

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